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Classic Wooden Rattles - Standard Bell

Review: I had the same rattle in 1984 Im 20 and having a baby and my mom sent me(The same)my baby rattle from 1984. the craftsmenship of these wooden toys is excptional I will continue to pass down and add to the tradition for many years
Author: amelie

Handmade Wooden Bulldozer

Review: This is much larger than I expected. Very beautiful toy. I love the different color woods. My son loves to push his blocks around with the bull dozer, and carries EVERYTHING on the trailer. Thanks!
Author: Mimmi

Handmade Wooden Large Car Carrier

Review: Wow! We were impressed by the beauty of this toy. We love the wood and the toughness of the truck and cars. Thanks Mom, and thank Heirloom Toys!
Author: Donna

Julianna's Wooden Toy Kitchen Set - Flat Pack

Review: This comes fully assembled! What a beautifully made kitchen set. No fiberboard or other poor materials. This will definitely last! I'd give it a "10" if I could!
Author: Cassandra G.

Review: Ready to play with right out of the box! We only had to snap the "sink" into it's hole. Well built. My daughter loves to play grownup with this, and she's learning so much!
Author: Jane

Play Toaster

Review: Shipped very fast, and my little guy is thrilled to have a toaster of his own he can put his hands all over. Breakfast around here isn't complete now without his play toast on the plate next to his real toast.
Author: Noah

Birthstone Rattles

Review: As a sentimental person, I prefer giving unique and individual gifts to newborns - something handmade or personalized or absolutely unique. Iíve recently discovered these perfect baby-hand sized wooden rattles from Germany. The rattle is a soft triangular shape (no hard edges here) with a round, polished stone almost floating inside. Itís actually mounted on a wooden rod in one of the corners. Twelve different stones are available allowing me to select the color and characteristics that seem just right for the baby. My personal preference is the tiger eye which complements the wood wonderfully. Gorgeous!
Author: Nana