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Tegu Blocks 14 Piece Set

Tegu Blocks 14 Piece Set

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Tegu Blocks 14 Piece Set

SKU # TG14P-JNG-306T
by: Tegu
Weight 2.00 lbs
Ships in 1-2 Business Days + Shipping Time
Assembly No
Recommended Age 3+
Dimensions Longest block about 3.5"
Ships From California
Country Honduras
Market price: $40.00
Our price: $35.00
Choose a color
SKU Description Our price
TG14P-JNG-306T Jungle $35.00
TG14P-BLU-508T Blues $35.00

Item Description

Tegu's brilliantly simple magnetic wooden blocks inspire open-ended play at its best.  These blocks are always a hit when we do live events - we leave a set out for kids and parents to explore, and we see their faces light up as they discover that the blocks are magnetic!  The strong magnets attract and repel each other, so there's a little problem-solving to be done when the blocks just won't go, and a satisfying click when they match up correctly.  Block play in general has been shown to foster social skills, critical thinking, spatial reasoning and general imagination, and with the added dimension of the magnets, there's no limit to the opportunities to explore!

We are proud to carry Tegu products; not only are they beautifully made, they also have a beautiful story.  The company was founded by two brothers who wanted to provide jobs with world-class employment standards to a community in Honduras where opportunities were few and far between; they call this toy company an "economic engine" that's bringing a living wage, job advancement, and economic development to the area of Tegucigalpa.  The also manufacture their blocks using sustainably harvested wood.  If there was ever a toy you could really feel great about, this is it! 


This beautiful 14-piece is available in Jungle (green and brown) or Blues. Longest block is about 3.5".

Check out the very cool Tegu Wheels to expand creative possibilities - and email or call us for information about larger size sets of blocks!

Ages 3-99; for littler kids, they help with fine motor skills, pattern recognition and balance, and for older kids, the imaginative play and storytelling possibilities are endless!

Tegu makes a durable, high-quality, very safe product; the magnets are embedded in the wood, and it's effectively impossible for kids to get them out.  All health and safety standards are rigorously met and exceeded.  All that said, Tegu and Heirloom Wooden Toys are both committed to  transparency, and the following message is displayed on each box of Tegu blocks as well as on this page:  Warning: This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can cause complications leading to serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.