Spot It!

Spot It!

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Spot It!
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Item Description

here are a few things you should know before you begin a game of Spot it! First- yes, there's always a match! Second, obstructing your opponent's view of the cards might make her call you a cheater. And third, expect an adrenaline rush. Spot it! is amazingly easy-to-learn, quickly addicting and perpetually nail-biting. The basic idea is to find the match between any two cards, however, keep an eye out for matching images that are two different sizes. There are four different ways to play, so you can play in order or stick with your favorites. Includes storage tin and 55 cards (including four instruction cards) Two to eight players. Ten to 20 minute play time. Ages 6 +.



  • Addicting and engaging
  • Comes in a durable travel tin
  • Four different ways to play
  • Play with up to eight people!

Skill building:

Playing Spot It helps encourage visual/spatial skills as kids compare the visual images and note visual similarities and differences on two cards while looking for a match. With practice, kids will sharpen their perception skills and find matches more quickly. The game is easy to learn and encourages peer group play which is known to have a positive effect on social skills/self-esteem. Spot It Can also benefit cognitive skills as kids make quick decisions and mentally sort shapes, as well as fine-motor skills as kids quickly flip and place the Spot It cards.

 Spot It! Jr. is a simpler version designed for kids ages 4-7 years.


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Spot It!
Spot It!
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