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Play kitchens can be the centerpiece for any really great play room.  Choosing the right style to fit your space can be a daunting task.  Style, price, space, size, number of children playing, and amenities are all factors that need to be addressed. In this article we will explore the strengths of each style to help you in choosing just the right play kitchen.

The easiest way to begin deciding is to choose the style that you prefer.

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School Grade Play Kitchens

Complete Kitchen Center
by Guidecraft USA

Other Modern Style Play Kitchens:

Cook Together Kitchen - $233.95
Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen
- $206.95
All In One Kitchen Island - $299.95

Modern Style Play Kitchen Sets

Price Range: $92.40 - $989.95*

Modern style play kitchens generally have bright colors, lots of appliances, and many levels to work on.  One distinct advantage of the "island" style of play kitchen is that children can play on all sides, allowing more space for children to play.  Speaking of space, make sure you allow extra room in your play area for this style, since kids will want to play all the way around, including ends.  Our smallest set has a footprint of 16" W x12.5"Dx28"H, and will require an area about 3 feet by 3 feet to get the full play value.  This size is ideal for one to two children to play together.  Medium size sets are featured to the left.  Our largest sets are up to a massive 58 1/2"L x 30"W x 46 3/4"H, requiring a full 8 foot by 10 foot room to play in.  Of course, this ultimate play kitchen can easily accommodate up to 8 children, and includes all the features you can think of.  Even a washer and dryer!  These large play kitchens are suitable for a school or daycare setting.

This style offers a huge amount of play value, but also takes up a lot of space.

Julianna's Wooden Toy Kitchen Set/Jacob's Ice Box

by Elves and Angels

Some Other Classic Play Kitchens:

Dakota's Toy Kitchen - $199.95
Willow Toy Kitchen Set - $229.95
Squirrel Toy Kitchen Set - $200.00

Classic Style Play Kitchen Sets

Price Range: $177.00 - $404.00*

If you prefer the natural look, you'll love our classic style play kitchens.  These kitchens feature scalloped edges and beautiful wood or country graphics. This style will not dominate a playroom the way the modern play kitchens will, as they fit snugly against the wall.  As a result, only one to two children can play at the play kitchen at any given time.  Just like in real life, refrigerators have to be bought separately.  Most of the classic styled kitchen sets are hand crafted, and are incredibly durable.  The Elves and Angels and Willow Toys play kitchens are made in the USA!

These play kitchens offer elegant classic styling and take up a small amount of space, but can accommodate fewer children.

* all prices on this page are quoted on 11/10/10 and are subject to change without notice.