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HSP Nature Toys

HSP Nature Toys

HSP Nature Toys was started by the late Richard M. Ray to develop educational-scientific kits for teaching children about nature's underground secrets.

Dick Ray had been a founder of the Ortho Garden series and had helped his mentor, the late Walter Doty, move Sunset Magazine into four-color photography. His insatiable curiosity about nature carried him in a natural progression from publishing to hands-on, nature-related products for children.

HSP's first educational kit, the Root-Vue Farm, is a fascinating garden laboratory where kids of all ages watch carrots, radishes and onions grow underground. The Root-Vue Farm generated immediate interest and was awarded an Oppenheim Gold Seal as one of the best new toy products. It has also won awards by Parent's Choice and Dr. Toy, who gave it a socially responsible toy award. Root-Vue has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and the CBS Early Show!

In early 1995, Dick's son Richard, with his wife Marjorie, joined the company and together they became fascinated with one of nature's hidden treasures - earthworms. These precious creatures are nature's recycling wonders, turning dead materials into organic fertilizer for plant life. Worm-Vue Wonders was developed as an underground worm viewing unit so that kids could get to know these super soil scientists!

HSP Nature Toys is committed to creating quality educational toys for the home and school markets. As we develop new science and nature-based products we’ll continue to focus on own motto, where the priceless crop is curiosity!


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